Frequently Asked Questions


Whole bean coffees can maintain their freshness for weeks after roasting as long as it's stored properly. As soon as it is ground, much like wine, it begins to degrade its freshness. So we recommend buying whole bean and a grinder if possible. But either way, the best way to store coffee is in a sealed container or bag and leave out of extreme cold or heat - a kitchen counter or cupboard normally will do. Never store in a freezer - if anything you would be adding moisture to the coffee which will adversely affect it immediately. Our bags come with a one-way valve to let the gasses from the roasted beans out while restricting oxygen from entering.


We don't require a minimum number of items for shipping, but request a minimum of 2 items for free local delivery (to help us optimize our growing demand for local orders).


Our subscription service provides you with your own access to your account to make changes in products, frequency and even pause or cancel. First, log into your account by clicking on the little head 

on the top right of the website. There you can change the frequency of your orders, pause or cancel your subscription. You can also see upcoming orders pending. If you wish to add an item to your subscription, simply go into the Online Store and select the product making sure to select the Subscription radio button just above the Add to Cart button.