Thank you for selecting ACEER’s Rainforest coffee! This coffee is 100% shade grown, 100% organic, 100% Peruvian, and Certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center as Bird Friendly.

Why is this important?
Over 95% of all coffee produced in the world is sun grown. This means the forest has been cleared for coffee plantations, disrupting native plants and animals, damaging waterways, burdening the soil with chemicals, and severely eroding the critical habitats of migratory song birds. Not so with ACEER’s Rainforest coffee! ACEER is in partnership with the Peruvian farmers of the La Florida coffee co-operative who produce this coffee with respect for the forest and commitment to producing the finest coffee available for consumers like you. It is carefully roasted by House Cup Coffee Roasters, Havertown, Pennsylvania. When you buy and drink this product, you can rest assured that the coffee is not only good, but it also does good by providing ACEER with needed funds to support its conservation mission in the Amazon.

About the ACEER Foundation
The mission of the ACEER Foundation to design and implement transformative, experiential learning that develops local and global environmental leaders who work to conserve and restore functioning landscapes in the Amazon Basin. ACEER has been a dynamic force for rainforest conservation for over 25 years. We were the first in the Western Hemisphere to pioneer the scientific applications of Canopy Walkway systems; scientists have discovered new plant and animal species at ACEER-supported facilities; and new medicines have been discovered at our ethnobotanical gardens. Today we continue to offer life transforming, experiential learning opportunities to a local and global audience. To date, ACEER has invested more than $1 million to create laboratories, learning centers, medicinal plant gardens, and support community development in Amazonia. We have also invested more than $12 million in conservation education and leadership programs. ACEER has touched the lives of more than 1 million people worldwide.

100% of the proceeds from this coffee will directly support our rainforest conservation programs!