Give Coffee

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ~ Mother Teresa
No one should go hungry — something we can all agree on. And while coffee isn’t at all the same as a piece of fruit, fresh vegetables and necessary proteins, coffee feeds the soul. At House Cup Coffee, we also believe that better coffee creates better moments. And we should all strive to help our friends, neighbors and community experience better moments.

Introducing the Suspended Coffee
After World War II in Italy, many citizens could not even afford a cup of coffee or espresso - admittingly a strong coffee culture. What began was something called the “suspended cup”, the beginning of the “pay ahead” movement. House Cup Coffee is now a member of the Suspended Coffee organization to bring this program to our local community. Here’s how we do it:

Supplying Local Food Banks
House Cup Coffee provides bags of fresh roasted coffee to local food banks. We’ve launched our program in support of Hope Church Food Bank in Havertown, Pennsylvania who currently supplies needed products to more than 45 families once a month including canned goods, produce, supplies and now locally roasted coffee.

How can you help?
You can now purchase a bag of “Suspended Coffee” in our online store. We’re splitting the cost with you, so for $7.50 we’ll include a bag of coffee for the next food bank delivery. And as a thank you, we’ll put an additional 100 points into your reward program bank (learn more about this program here by clicking on the icon on the bottom left corner of this page. And you can do this as often as you want (you can even add it to a regular subscription too).

More Than Coffee
Obviously, the food bank requires more than just coffee to help these families. We’ll receive a list from the food bank regularly and if you are a House Cup Coffee Subscriber, in your pre-delivery email, we’ll list other items they are in need of. Hang on to your black delivery bags and on the day of your coffee delivery, just leave a bag of any item you want donated to the food bank at your front door and we’ll get it there for you. It’s that simple to change the lives of people in need among our community.