Subscription Program

Would you like coffee delivered to your door automatically?

House Cup Coffee Roasters offers a very simple subscription program that delivers the freshest coffee right to your doorstep without the need to place an order. We even give you complete control over your subscription.

And we keep it really simple too.

Every 2, 3 or 4 weeks, you’ll receive 2 or more bags of coffee of your choosing. We’ll even grind it for your particular brewing method.

Three days before your next scheduled delivery, you'll receive an email reminding you can change your types of coffees, quantity or even delivery date before it ships. You can even cancel your subscription online at anytime (why you'd do that, we don't know, but we want you to know you can without any hassles or loopholes to jump through).

And if you're in the Havertown, Pennsylvania area, you'll also have the ability to have your coffee delivered for free, right on your doorstep.

And to thank you for subscribing, we'll take 15% off the price of each bag! 

To get started, simply select your coffees in the online store, but be sure to select "Subscribe" under the options for each coffee and how often you'd like to receive it.  That's it!

Automatic deliveries. Discounted prices.
Change coffees at anytime. Cancel at any time.