Three's A Party


Supporting the Tripawds Foundation

Monday morning meetings. A runny-nose toddler. A flat tire makes you late. Life is messy. If you were looking for a sign to keep you going, this coffee is it. Inspired by all dogs, one of the purest and most loving species on the planet, this coffee will see you through your tough times. Case and point - meet Ben. Ben had osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and needed his front leg amputated. While he may be a bit slower, Ben will be the first to show you, Three's A Party. So brew yourself a cup, kiss your pup, and crush the day, just like Ben.

This dark roast combines the delicious nuttiness of organic Peruvian coffee with the earthiness of organic Java coffees for a bold flavor without harsh bitterness.

A portion of this bag of coffee is donated to the Tripawds Foundation in honor of all those who inspire us to get through our day.