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Delco Blend

Delco Blend

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Delco: it’s more than a county, it’s a way of life. No matter which part or parish you claim as yours, somebody knows you and that’s a good thing. You can be from here or move here; leave here or never leave here (so Delco). You can marry in, trade up, or get out. But you never apologize for who you are.

Which is how we designed our Delco Blend – unapologetic and a little bold (never wooder’d down). It’s like a good chat with a great neighbor. No matter where you live.

House Cup Coffee Roasters commissioned local artist, Jessie Husband, to create a special packaging for this special coffee. We LOVE how it turned out! Check more of Jessie's great work at

NOTE: This coffee is also available in compostable kcup pods.

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