A Better Cup of Coffee.

House Cup Coffee Roasters was created to help individuals make a better cup of coffee at home and support local restaurants with coffees that are as good as the food they serve. All without the pretension from an industry littered with fads and frivolous terms.

Because better coffee creates better moments. We simply want a good drink to enjoy at any time of the day without breaking the bank or compromising our taste buds. To accomplish this, we offer fresh, locally-roasted, organic coffees and a variety of tips to turn those beans into a cup of awesome.

And now you can enjoy our coffees as well as delicious locally-made pastries and other food items at our House Cup Café in Havertown!

We look forward to you joining the ride along the way and sharing your stories.

Giving back in coffee

Suspended Coffee Donation

You can now purchase a bag of “Suspended Coffee” that will be donated to a local food bank. We split the cost with you — so for $7.50 we’ll include your donated bag of coffee in the next food bank distribution to families. As a thank you, we’ll put an additional 100 points into your reward program bank (learn more about this program by clicking on the icon at the bottom left corner of this page). And you can do this as often as you want (you can even add it to a regular subscription too).

It’s that simple to change the lives of people within our community in need. Thank you in advance!

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